Ocean37 Maritime TV Satellite Antenna

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In addition to the RV46 auto TV satellite antenna (Land/RV) Dualcom can now introduce the Ocean37 Maritime TV Satellite antenna.

Lock-on to a satellite's exact position with one of the industries best value gyro stabilised system. Enabling Digital TV (HD) entertainment without interruption as you relax on your vessel while on the Ocean. The unique antenna technology equips the vessel with superior high definition and sound quality performance, the true definition of elegance on the sea.
  • Fully automatic satellite acquisition
  • User friendly operation, just switch on and watch
  • No cable wrap, 360 degree operation
  • Easy installation and operation with SD memory card
  • Easy software upgrade with SD card
  • Fully stabilised in-motion operation
  • Fast, powerful, ultra-quiet motors
  • Automatic Sleep Mode - Silent Operation when docked at Marina

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