Installation - Living Faith Lutheran Primary School

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Photo below shows our BattenPRO and Street Light installed at a Living Faith Lutheran Primary school in Brisbane Australia. For this project a new bus shelter was constructed (80 Meters long), 100KW grid tie solar system installed on top, and our part of the project was lighting it up without adding to the current power usage. 
To do this was very straight forward. Using 14 x 900MM BattenPRO-900-5K and 3 x 30 Watt Solar Street Lights we were able to take the lighting completely off grid. To make installation simple, each unit has its own internal Lithium Battery, MPPT Solar Regulator, and Microwave Sensor.
Due to high winds in the area, standard mounting for the BattenPRO are 2 brackets with a tension bolt, making them very secure when installed.
The project took place November last year, and photo below I took was 6th March 2018.  The photo shows each light operating at 30% light output, however when the sensors on each light are triggered they brighten to 100%.
Any technical questions on this product, please feel free to contact me direct on +64 27 226 0735, or email