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Apollo MAX

Apollo MAX Off Grid

Apollo MAX off grid system

The Apollo MAX is a great expandable system suited to a small house or kiwi bach when going off-grid.  The system is expandable (up to 3KW solar), so as your power demand grows or budget allows you can add more panels and batteries to the same Inverter. A great feature of the Inverter is the Hybrid function; it allows you to still connect to the grid or Auto Start a suitable generator when the storage bank is getting low.  

The Apollo MAX includes a 4KW Hybrid Inverter / Charger, 2KW of premium 5th Generation Blue Sun Group solar panels, 9.6kWh of storage, easy construct racking and cabling / accessories to get you underway!


IPS 4KW Hybrid Inverter is the ideal solution for domestic Off-Grid Integrated Power management. This all-in-one unit is used for managing solar and battery systems which combines the functionality of a solar charge controller, pure sine wave inverter, and multi-stage AC battery charger into one central unit, eliminating the need for numerous devices and excess cabling. 


60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller
4000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
60A Multi Stage Battery Charger
Integrate with Mains Power
Integrate with Generator
Auto-Start Generator Functionality
LCD Control Panel
Monitoring & Data Recording Software
Stackable Units for Additional Power

4KW Hybrid Inverter / Charger

4KW Hybrid Inverter

Solar PV Panels

The GEN 5 BSG 260W Multi-Crystalline PV Panel is a 4 Bus Bar segmented panel design (4BB), has a NANO Self Cleaning Coating and are designed in Munich Germany and supplied to us by Blue Sun Group Australia. The company head office is located in Queensland, gaining first hand experience in design and manufacturing to meet the range of extreme conditions and compliance required to meet the Australian market.


4 Bus Bar Segmented Design (4BB)
Self Cleaning Nano Technology
4.0mm High Transmission, Low Iron, Tempered Glass
6061 Marine Grade Aluminium
High Shunt Resistance
Matched Cells
Replaceable Diodes
Concealed Cross Connections - Assist Module Longevity
Equatoriac Grade Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
Security Barcode
A Grade Cells

260W Blue Sun Group Panels

260w blue sun group panels

Solar Deep Cycle Battery

NPS Series Solar Batteries are a revolutionary heavy duty HYBRID technology, primarily for off grid Photo-voltaic systems. This Valve Regulated Gel Battery was developed in Japan,  combining deep cycle Gel / AGM technologies and using special elements in lead alloy and an additive in electrolyte to get a longer life cycle than other deep cycle batteries.


Deep cycle design, high energy density
Hybrid gel technology, longer cyclic life and better thermal stability
FAA and IATA approved as non-hazardous. Meets EUROBAT (draft IEC896-2), IEEE, JIS and BS6290 using UL certified components
Low self discharge - Improved charge acceptance due to low internal resistance
Ultra stable polymer sparator with glass matt, for increased performance. High resistance to shorting due to superior mechanical strength of polymer separator

NPS Series Hybrid AGM Battery

260Ah Hybrid AGM

Solar Panel Frame

This system is developed to ground mount 8 x 260W PV Panels, and tilt at a 30 degree angle. The CHIKO series frame uses Anodized Aluminium 6005-T5, 304 Stainless Steel and Galvenized Steel. Easy fold out triangle frames which can be pre-assembled to make the installation fast and easy, saving labor cost and time.

The 8 x 2100mm rails will not require an onsite weld or cut, keeping the appearance, structural strength and anti-corrosive performance.


AL-6005-T5 Frame and Layin Lugs
SUS304 M8 bolts
Anodized aluminium - surface protected
Pitch : 30 Degree

CHIKO Ground Mount System

ground mount racking kit


4KW Hybrid Inverter / Charger
9.6kWh Deep Cycle Storage Bank
2KW 5th Generation Solar PV
2 x Ground Mount Racking Systems (roof type on request)

20 Meters 6mm2 Solar PV Cable
3 x HD450MM Battery Link Cables
2 x HD2500MM Battery Connect Cables
Inline Fuse holder and fuse
21 Piece Label Kit
2 x PV Circuit Breakers
Y Branch and MC4 Connectors
48V High Current Battery Breaker

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